A Military/Tactical Technical Advisor has a tremendous responsibility. His obligation to Producers requires him to accurately represent Military and Law Enforcement Personnel in the highest and most precise level possible. Throughout the United States and across the world, millions have served in Military and with Law Enforcement Units, or, have come from families who are members of these professions that scrutinize accuracy. True representation of these professionals will bring realism, depth, and insight to films and television shows which goes far beyond theater.



Our company provides quaified range saftey pesronnel to some of the most sucessful Live Fire shows in te bussiness. Our Cadre have kept the rages safe on Top Shot, Stars Earn Stripes, Ultimate Soldier Challange and many more.  



Our Technical Advisors can help Writers, Directors, and Producers break down scripts. This would include not only content, but numbers of people, wardrobe worn, props utilized, types of vehicles present etc. for each scene of your project. Our objective is never to silence the critic or to hide the truth. In fact, as our work indicates, our Military professionals are often on the cutting edge when it comes to accurately representing the use and misuse of force, post traumatic stress disorder, battlefield conflicts between members of a unit, and issues of Military Justice. On the other hand, as Service Members, we can also help you accurately represent the highest levels of leadership, heroism, camaraderie, public service, and self-sacrifice. We also bring to the table an immense amount of training expertise that was taught and tried with personal experience both on the battlefield, and on the streets. We can bring to your script, everything from how to extract a high value target from a secure building to the correct procedure for a courts martial. A great script is the foundation of a great movie or television show.



Having an Advisor on board during preproduction will save you time and money, and it will increase the value of the images you put on screen. We know where to get everything from helicopters to automatic weapons, to flash-bangs for a SWAT entry. Our Advisors can turn your lead actor into an FBI Agent, a Drill Instructor, a Marine Captain, a JAG Lawyer, an insurgent mastermind, or a Secret Service Agent. A good Technical Advisor doesn't cost you money, he saves you money, and your production is safer and better because you had his expertise.



When you need Professional Actors and Special Ability Operators who will deliver a great performance every time contact SIGLOCH Military/Tactical. Our Personnel have skills that range from parachuting, rappelling and fast rope, to car hits and everything in between. We know from experience what true armed and un-armed combat looks like and how to make a screen reenactment or death appear to be the real thing

Men and women who have served in the Armed Forces, worked in domestic Police Departments or who have held positions in National Security, all move, walk, and talk in a way that communicates volumes. They execute operations with excellence and efficiency at all times. They understand and exercise the importance of working together as a well coordinated team.



An M-4 does not sound like an AK-47. A grenade has a very specific sound. The sounds of a Drill Instructor calling a marching cadence while training a platoon in Boot Camp or the sounds of radio chatter as a SWAT team prepares to make entry into a building are things that cannot be duplicated accurately by people who haven't been there. Save time and money, and get the authentic sounds, sensations and effects by letting us help you bring out it's fullest potential. 


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